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Automate & simplify your film production.

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Before CrewFixer: Numerous forms, tables, paper documents. Chasing people. Copy pasting data. Losing data, time and your nerves.

After CrewFixer: Automated forms and reminders. All information in one single place. Saving time and resources. Reducing waste. Providing better services.

Collect data from your crew

Chasing your crew to collect all the necessary information and constantly copy pasting data from one place to another?

  • Basic contact information
  • Agreements with NDA and GDPR
  • COVID certificates
  • Meal choices for every day

Send forms to all your crew

Use your personal email to send links to forms. Your crew will spend less time chasing forms in SPAM folder.

  • Use your existing email address
  • Send links using SMS, Whatsapp, ...
  • No more chasing for emails in SPAM

Collect answers in one single place

Keep track of all responses in automatically updated lists

  • Edit or correct information if needed
  • Filter data based on Names, Job Titles, Departments etc.

Create reports and overviews

Review answers in summarized reports

  • Get overview picture of final counts
  • Share outputs with your suppliers

Create and print badges

Create personalized badges with QR codes from your response list

  • Customize look and feel of badges
  • Print multiple badges on one page with easy cut marks
  • QR code can be used in CrewFixer Meals App

Scan badges with CrewFixer Meal App

Use iOS or Android tablet to scan QR codes on badges. Based on QR code CrewFixer Meal App will tell you what meal should be served to your crew.

  • Scan badge QR code with tablet
  • Display the selected options for the specific date
  • Distribute food according to previous selection

Manage multiple projects at the same time

See all of your project at the Home screen

  • Create new projects
  • Get invitation to collaborate on projects of others

See project overview

See your forms, answers and badges associated with the specific project.

All information from your crew in one place

Get Started
FeaturesGet Started

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